Areas of Expertise


I've worked with children and adolescents in Humboldt for the duration of my professional career. Overtime, I became fascinated with how an individual relationship could entirely change one's life, which led me to focus more on mental and emotional health work. To date, I've performed counseling in community non-profits, governmental agencies, and educational settings. I strive to engage youth in a manner that is comfortable and relatable to them so I can build bonds of trust as they seek new possibilities.


I'm highly interested in helping adults discover how best to maneuver through life's transitions, deal with emotional baggage, and handle stress in their lives. I enjoy helping adults find a vibrant meaning to life.


Working with families is honestly complicated. I enjoy understanding the dynamics, histories, and knowledge that comes from such an intimate space. Moving forward requires seeing your role in the family, holding no secrets, and being willing to address patterns that lead to the same performance. 

My Approach

Counseling often times comes with this baggage of mystery. It's not as solid as x-raying a broken bone, or taking a blood sample, or even diagnosing a mysterious car issue (even though sometimes I feel pretty confident I'm just hearing a weird noise.) Because of this, many feel as if counseling may not be right for them, but that does not have to be the case.

A therapist should be just as confident of their skills as a mechanic or a doctor. We enter into a vulnerable space with clients, and expect them to share their deepest pains, desires, and secrets. Rising to that challenge requires patience, as ailments in our emotional lives are not as easily diagnosed. You may not like what a therapist says and end up hating the individual, likewise you may feel a powerful connection to your therapist that borders on love. Through the counseling process both are very normal, but together the work can lead to one feeling fulfilled in ways they had not experienced in years.


I aim to address your needs fully, and to do so in a manner that allows for you to be heard and seen. Facing our challenges and emotions can be frightening, but with support, the task can be rewarding. Feel free to contact me, and we can see whether or not I might be a good fit for your needs.